Students on Campus stand for and against Israel as “Knife Intifadah” Continues

A Rhetorical conflict over borders unfolded Wednesday at Cal State Long Beach, with a pro-Israel group of students saying attitudes against the Jewish state have reached an alarming level on college campuses, while a pro-Palestinian group equated Zion

Source: Cal State Long Beach students stand for, against Israel; some allege anti-Semitism on campus


As the intensity of violence in Israel grows, predictably, anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses across the U.S. is growing too.

No matter that the latest wave of violence is being carried out by Palestinians waging a 3rd Intifadah — a violent uprising aimed at hurting, maiming, and killing as many Jews as possible with the intent of achieving their political goals.

If you know of something going on at a campus, make sure to submit an article and photograph.

As long as the violence continues, don’t expect to see any reduction in anti-Israel protests.


Rabbi Yonah

Lifelong Israel activist from Detroit, blogger, father, shul-founder, campus rabbi. Author of Prayers for Israel.



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