Shared Shlepping Will Transform Shipping

Avishai Trabelsi brings Shlepping into 21c, and makes it eco-sensible and Hot!

Avishai Trabelsi brings Shlepping into 21c, and makes it eco-smart and Hot!

Entrepreneur launches app connecting truckers, shippers to exploit unused cargo capacity.Source:

Israeli entrepreneur filling up the space with shipping app – Business & Innovation – Jerusalem Post

After years working in his family’s transportation firm, young entrepreneur Avishai Trabelsi grew increasingly frustrated as he saw trucks returning from their destinations empty or near-empty.

“I saw that half the time our trucks were returning back empty or going to their destinations not full in the cargo space,” Trabelsi told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. “I tried to look for different technologies or systems that can make it better. I didn’t find anything that could exactly solve my specific problem, to make it easier and practical.”

Determined to solve an issue that leads to immense wastes of fuel and manpower, while generating excess air pollution and road congestion, Trabelsi established Quicargo Technologies Ltd. – the Moshav Tekuma-based champions of a forthcoming app that aims to connect shippers with truck drivers on an anticipated route.

The app, accessible online or via smartphones, enables businesses to identify nearby truck drivers who have available cargo space and are headed to a specific destination. Most of the participating trucking companies will charge less than normal shipping costs, according to Quicargo, as otherwise the space would go unused.

Trabelsi, now the CEO and co-founder of the new firm, worked as a dispatcher for 10 years at his family’s transportation firm, RT-Fresh, eventually rising to CEO. He resigned from that position in January and created Quicargo a month later.



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