Boycott this Haters! 6 Made-in-Israel Devices for Disaster Relief

Source: 6 Made-In-Israel Devices for Disaster Relief


Why is it that the people who want to take a bite out of Israel never seem to want to boycott the things that they really, really like… phones, medical supplies, or hot Israelis super-models?  I don’t think that refusing to buy Soda Stream or Rummikub is doing enough damage.

When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Israelis are always among the first on the scene to offer search-and-rescue, first aid and secondary medical care.

Some of the most critical pieces of equipment they take with them to help victims of earthquakes, fires, typhoons, hurricanes and terror attacks are home-grown.

But these innovative devices are not just for Israeli aid workers. Here are six blue-and-white innovations that emergency responders in many countries keep at the ready in case of disasters. More are in development, to be discussed at today’s seminar on product innovation for first responders in Herzliya.



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