Boycott Sears – Where Will Haters get their Appliances?


Venerated US department-store chain started its activity in Israel five-and-a-half years ago when it acquired a start-up, Delver. Now Active in Herzeliya area Sears.Israel is hipserizing the stodgy US institution by making a collaborative e-commerce think tank.

Just as the Sears Catalogue revolutionized shopping for the Laura Ingels Wilder pioneer generation, Sears.Israel aims to open new avenues for people to get the things they need and the things they want and feel good about themselves today!

Source: Sears to launch online commercial operations in Israel – Business & Innovation – Jerusalem Post

BSD folks sure will be peeved when they realize that they have to also Boycott Sears.  What will they do with all the extended care warranties?

BTW if you are looking for work in Herzeliya check out their job openings!



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